Why is sacrifice important

The importance of sacrifice

Sacrifice, something that most of us fray away from because why should we give up something that we have? why in the world should you give up something that perhaps you’ve held onto for quite some time or have grown attached to? Let me tell you why.

There’s a saying, “do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do,” and this can serve as a guiding quote for young adult life. Honestly, this can serve as a guide for the rest of your life. The sacrifices you make now can help you create a future filled with countless things you want to do. Later in life, you’ll realize that missing a few happy hours to stay a little later at work actually wasn’t that bad.

If you have to miss a few brunches for an opportunity to further your career, trust me, it will be okay. This is the name of the game when you’re on the path to success. In the future, instead of attending the brunches, you’ll be hosting them. They’ll be sold-out events.

The sacrifices each of us makes throughout our lives are totally different from one another. Sacrifice is something that most people have no interest in learning. Unfortunately, most people never really learn especially in terms of money-related problems that make most people never fulfill their goals and are left without ever realizing those goals.

Many of us want to have financial freedom. But then again, our desire to complain is much stronger than our desire to make any sacrifices to get an inch closer to realize our dreams. Most people will never make an ounce of effort to get to where they think they want to go. We just have to cuddle and enfold that our momentary pain compared to our long-term gain.

Our various experiences throughout our life are a sifting process along the narrow path that we are walking. We can take pride when we successfully surpassed a trial. We know how to sympathize when we see other people stumble from human weakness. Though, sometimes, we feel abandonment, frustration, and reluctance because of the decisions we made in life.

The people whom we love and value will always be with us no matter what we do. It’s hard sometimes, to do the things we know we have to do; especially when those things have unintended consequences on the ones we love. The choices we make in life can be difficult. But leaning into what energizes us is going to be seen by many as an affront.

Sacrifice is like breathing, if we can bring some focus and attention to it, it can serve us in some pretty powerful ways. We cannot help others unless we first help ourselves. By not making the sacrifices and embracing happiness, we remain at home bitter and unfulfilled.

Maybe if we are around each other all the time, then we can’t appreciate each other as much and the days spent together would just be another day instead of something so special. We savor each moment together and it is filled with laughter and storytelling that just inspires us to be more and do more.

Our sacrifices make life meaningful. There are no rewards in life without any sacrifices. Usually the bigger the sacrifice the greater the reward. In order to give your best effort on your current project, you stop working on many other things and pay your full attention to it because saying YES to one job opportunity means saying NO to many others. As the saying goes, “We cannot serve two masters at the same time.”

To make a dream come true, you need to make compromises and sacrifices and focus all your energy and effort into doing something to make it happen. The best way to do this is to give up on all the others things just to realize this one big dream.


So are sacrifices necessary?

Absolutely. And they’re a great thing.

So many things will require your attention that you’ll end up being discontent and stressed.

So that’s why sacrifices are a necessity.

Next time you give something in order to get more of what you desire, don’t feel bad. Don’t feel like something’s being taken away from you.
Instead, know that you have a priority, know what you want in life, are working to get it, and are willing to give up comfort and stuff that gives you instant gratification in order to achieve it.

That’s the way to success.

What would you give in order to get more of something else? Do you invest time, sleep, effort and energy, or give up some of the stuff you’re used to and enjoy doing?