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ThePassionateEnthusiast is always looking for writers with a passion for detail and research to contribute engaging, compelling & informative posts on a wide varied range of topics, including but not limited to, investing, money management, travel, poetry, credit card and debt management, frugal living, gaming, technical wiz basically anything that could be of interest and lifestyle. Expertise in one or more of these broad areas direct experience, advanced education, or certification is preferred but not required.

The ideal writer should:

Be passionate about empowering readers to take charge of their lives through themselves.

  • Have the ability to understand, introduce, and convey complex concepts to readers in an engaging and clear fashion.
  • Be an adroit researcher, comfortable perusing official sites like irs.gov, treasury.gov, and sec.gov when necessary.
  • Be interested in producing quality content over quantity.
  • Be capable of writing longer, comprehensive articles (3,000+ words each).

If you are interested to write, even as a guest post please contact me via email or phone. Thank you.