Hello there, i am an amateur full time blogger, freelancer, activist & poet.
If you wish to hire my services either as a writer, a poet, a motivational speaker, an advertiser please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or by phone.

Blogging is by far the best method in which to make money than any other marketing. that is why i decided to start blogging, because i’m tired of working under another earning an underpaid salary, i want to take life in my own hands and live on my own terms which is why i pursued my passion in writing and started blogging. I am new in the field of blogging however i believe that i have what it takes to become an experienced blogger nonetheless.

I am a mediocre freelancer/writer but i’m sure if you have navigated throughout my blog you would have seen my works. I am by far from being an experienced writer but i do posses great literature skills as well as being a poet. 

I am able to advertise for you either by showing your products on my blog or by driving traffic toward your website through sites such as adfly or by spread of word.

Researcher/Data entry
I am a very adept researcher, gathering information and collating everything together as well as the input of data into a format.

I absolutely love poetry and have a passionate appreciation for such, i myself am a poet and for whatever is given, i can write a beautiful piece of poetry about it.

I love fitness and if you want me to give advice, a piece on being active, research on supplements then you know how to contact me.

 If you wish to hire my services, contact me via email at Jatafu@yahoo.co.nz or phone at 02040765508. 
Thank you and i hope you have an awesome day.