Stay Hungry

It starts with passion. We find the thing inside of us that lights us up every single day, and we begin our journey to greatness riding on a wave of excitement and enthusiasm.

But this passion can only take us so far. Eventually, the excitement starts to wane and our motivation weakens. Many of us quit, defeated, but the successful ones forge on, fueled by a seemingly endless supply of mental strength and determination. They have a hunger – an unwavering force that drives them to defy the odds and continue when everything and everyone could not. They want it more than they want air. It gives them the power to conquer the fears, the failures, the setbacks and survive the months, years or even decades of unappreciated work.

Hunger is a hard thing to hang onto in the face of doubt, but there are some ways to find and feed that hunger and stay motivated when you’re struggling to see the light.

Hunger leads to action, action leads to success

Hunger is the greatest motivator of action, and action is the key to success.

When you are dying of hunger, you will do whatever it takes to get yourself a meal. And if you don’t succeed, you will die trying.

If we truly want to be great, to do great things, to find success in life however it might look to each of us, we need to stop snacking and let those hunger pains push us a little harder.

We can’t keep munching on the little things while our biggest dreams draw further away.

How To Stay Hungry

It is obvious that hungry individuals have a much greater chance in achieving their dreams, therefore it is a must that you learn how to stay hungry no matter how much success life throws your way. Not only success but every time you encounter a failure you should be even hungrier to overcome that failure. You shouldn’t let failure discourage you, but I think that is already nailed into your head. Not too many people shed light on the effects of small successes. Small successes usually result in you becoming less hungrier.

Create a routine

People who take consistent action are able to find a way to show up every day to ‘practice’ their craft, even when they don’t want to. They develop a process. If writing is your thing, commit to completing 1000 words every single day – no excuses. If you want to build a million dollar business, spend an hour each day working on your marketing and sales strategies. Take control of how you spend your time. Schedule your work and learn to follow your own rules with focus and discipline, so that the work becomes routine, and not a thing of willpower.

Change your environment

The physical space we spend our time in influences our energy, actions, and moods so much more than we think. Take a look around and think about what changes you can make – at home and at work – so that your space moves you in a positive direction. This might include lots of visual reminders (let your goals be everywhere you look!), a clutter and distraction-free workspace, plants, photos, healthy foods, and even surrounding yourself with smart and passionate people.

Read more

reading is one of the most powerful habits that one can have in life. Take a look at all the great leaders in history, and even today, they all have been ardent readers. As a matter of fact, Elon Musk has even said that the only reason why he was able to build a rocket was that he read books.

This is not to say that you must read because people like Elon, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg all are reading, but because it is one habit that gives you a new perspective of looking at things. You have a limited amount of time in life. Hence, you cannot have the luxury to experience on your own. But reading is the closest you can ever get to experience something that you have not done. That’s the best thing about it!

It’s okay to Be a little selfish

Selfish is a really harsh word, but I could not find a more appropriate word to describe this situation. The road of leadership is quite tough, it brings along with it some tough decisions. But to keep yourself hungry for success you need to become a little selfish. You need to leave the emotions aside while taking a decision, and think what’s going to help you grow.

This might mean that sometimes you have to hurt the sentiments of others, but all in good spirit. Don’t do something intentionally to hurt someone. But, if it is needed for the business growth, be a little selfish.

Humility and being grateful

Humility is something that will keep your vigor for success up. When you are humble you take success as a journey not as a destination. This is the reason why the richest and the most successful names in the world, the likes of Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Bill Gates, believe in being rich and not showing off that they are rich.

Success Is All About Mindset

You may have noticed that the successful have a different mindset than the average person. They apply small strategies to their mindset like the one that I just mentioned and it forms a unique mindset that is destined to achieve greatness. It’s time that you start building up your own mindset for success. Start by adopting this strategy into your mindset. Build up your mindset will each skill that you need. For example, this strategy is specifically designed for staying hungry in life. You can find other strategies for staying confident in life such as the fake it till you make it mentality. Start nurturing these small strategies as they serve into the bigger picture and form your mindset. This mindset is what makes you achieve success in life. Like I said, the only thing that separates the successful from the nonsuccessful is their mindset. Nothing else, no skills, no talents, no gifts, just mindset. That’s what I truly believe and I think is reflected in the collection of the successful. For example, compare the mindset of Donald Trump to that of the average man. Do they share the same beliefs, strategies, etc? Nope. It’s all mindset baby, start nurturing your own.