Here are a list of some successful stories from celebrities who made it starting small or without much, i hope to inspire you with the following.

‘GREATEST SUCCESS STORY’ (ft.Jack Ma) – Motivational video | Jack Ma speech | Inspirational video

The Motivational Success Story Of J.K Rowling – From Deep Depression To World’s RICHEST AUTHOR

Don’t quit! – Chris Gardner success story – From Homeless to Millionaire

ENGLISH SPEECH | STEVE JOBS: Stanford Commencement

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The Real-Life Tragic Story Of Shania Twain

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The Story Of Nicki Minaj

Mark Wahlberg’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Dolly Parton: Queen of Country (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Ralph Lauren: How I Built a Fashion Empire

Eminem’s Life Story – From Trailer Park to King of Hip Hop

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From living in a housing project to being worth over $500 million – Jay Z success story

Mike Tyson: I succeed in life because of my flaws

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