A brief on money

Some people always say that money is not important in their life.

Without money, everything comes to standstill. The society also respects a man who has enough wealth irrespective of his or her character. They even vote him in as a president.

There is no subject that can more deeply divide people. For some, the manipulation of money represents power.

If money rules the world – who rules money?

The “Growth Misconception” is based on the belief that money based on interest can grow forever.

Only 10% of the population profit from our current interest system, while 90% lose through interest contained in all prices.

Our money system continually redistributes wealth from the large majority to a small minority.

And the present money system, which, in order to function requires exponential growth returns, cannot be sustained by our planet much longer.

Rather than money ruling the world it should serve people. But so far it has only served the wealthy top 10% and that has to change. There is no trickle down effect, that is a myth.

I want to share with you some of the ways to which you can earn money whatever it is, check out my other pages for making money and if you like those methods then please, by all means, add them to your repertoire but remember, don’t spend more than you are willing to lose because either way you look at it, this world revolves around the exchanging of money and currencies so stay stern and look at money not as a form of happiness but as a means to which you gain happiness, it is not money itself but it’s how you use money that matters.

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And as always, Good luck !!!