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This is my personal story on my journey and path on staying healthy, fit and happy from doing so.

My journey starts off from my youth, If you read my About me Page you would know that I was born with a hole in my heart, therefore I was held behind while everyone else got to move forward in their normal everyday lives. Due to my heart murmur, I was kept in the hospital for months on end (as a baby) for both my heart surgery and recovering from said heart surgery. This opened up problems such as me not being fed or giving proper nutrients properly, my body wasn’t able to take in milk properly and my body wasn’t able to transfer milk to my legs (hence why my legs have somewhat always been skinny, except for now). 

I always had a tough time running and for some reason i was never able to run straight/properly, other kids would laugh at me whenever i ran which is why i don’t normally run, i know i should and i do jog but only in private, i can’t stand running in front of other people as i am not comfortable with doing so, I’ve always been a loner but i do get along with others very well, iv’e just always been alone my whole life.

Anyway back to the topic at hand, I was always skinny but surprisingly considering the hand that I’ve been dealt, I didn’t start working out until after high school and before that I wasn’t as ‘in shape’ as the others although I was seen as strong and people did say if I worked out I could actually be really good looking but I guess I was just too embarrassed as well as I didn’t feel like I fit in with anyone.

I would always eat poorly and my appetite was bad, i ate whatever made me feel good but i did try and keep track though it wasn’t until most recent years that i started looking after myself but even then, it wasn’t consistent.

Due to financial issues my mother wasn’t able to afford to buy top quality ingredients to prepare nutrient filled food and so I was given cheap and easy fast food meals, of course, if money wasn’t an issue we would have been better off but I guess that’s what life is, making something of yourself even if you’ve been dealt the short end of the stick.

My acts on health have been somewhat of a fluctuation in terms of maintaining a consistent choice of healthy diets or meals, due to our lifestyle and the financial burdens getting to me, financial burdens us still to this day. I just eat whatever but there was a time when I was strict oh yes I was strict and I was actually doing good! real good in terms of having a time to eat before, what I should eat and avoid, routinely exercise and all that and I often tell myself to get back to it but it’s just that at the back of my mind there is that financial burden hindering my enjoyment of activities in life, therefore I’m not living up to my full potential but hey, that’s my problem and it’s just how we perceive and handle it.

I have been training personally on and off, the first time I ever benched was at one of my best friends place and I hehe… I was so proud of myself for benching for the first time ever. However, I could’ve still pushed even further. My proudest and personal achievement regarding fitness is that I was able to do 300 pushups every day (except the weekends) for sixty-something day’s which all in all equated to around ten thousand pushups! aha, I like that number.

Personally I don’t know how to swim or ride a bike and I know those two are great exercises for the muscles yet I have not learned that I don’t know, there’s always been an insecurity about being in a public space that comes over me, so no I would love to try personally but I’m just not at the right space in mind in my life at the moment. I know I’m young and yes I should pursue it while I have energy but I’ve always been one for energy, I just don’t have the finances right now and because I always feel alone I’m not comfortable around a lot of people and I love to write, I am very literate and well versed which is why I love expressing myself through this blog.

I delve into fitness supplements but as of late I have stopped since I do not work and my blog is still growing, but my take on supplements is that it does what its implied it does supplement your body with what it is used for and yes they do work!

I’ve tried protein, casein protein powder, creatine, magnesium supplements, testosterone supplements, L – Glutamine and so many more, and yes they do work and they do wonders if you keep on track with your physical training regimen otherwise if your just taking them and your doing nothing then it’s not going to do anything, remember that supplements only ‘supplement’ what’s already there or what your doing, they’re not a shortcut for anything.

In terms of mental health I suffer from the mind – severe depression and anxiety, I have tried medication, however, I find they do little to nothing. I have suicidal tendencies myself yet I am a motivational speaker and most recently I have found out just what I’m capable of though I have tried to kill myself once before – it was too hard and painful so I stopped (I know right) but now my mood is alright since I have this blog to express myself and I hope that with this blog I can build a community within you all.

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However, i do really love health and fitness and i will continue supplementing and probably pursue a bodybuilding route when i do make a full time job out of this blog, remember that you shouldn’t let anything hold you back whether they be psychological, physically or whatever, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and yes i do struggle with seeing that myself but i know that there is and i will pursue it with my passion, with this blog.