Follow Your Heart

This question eludes many. Your mind has a thousand reasons why that person is bad for you, why it won’t work out, and all signs point to danger — get out. But for some gosh darn reason in your heart, you want to stay so bad. You want them, despite all the logical reasons you shouldn’t. Your head usually advocates the safer option, the heart-the risky one.

What the heck is that anyway? How is it even possible to feel so divided within the same body?

Why are we drawn to people who we know aren’t good for us, don’t care about us? Will probably hurt us? It’s that adrenaline rush baby — doing or wanting something you know you shouldn’t. We remember the choices that hurt us as well. Safe decision making rarely leaves a mark in the memory bank.

Following your hearts can lead you to happiness

“We’re poor statisticians: You remember the choice you didn’t make because, not knowing what the outcome would be, the best you can do is guess as to what might have happened. What won’t have happened, which you obviously can’t remember, are the bad outcomes that could have followed the wrong decision.” — Psychology Today

We remember the things that made us feel. Feel alive. Even if it was painful. Making a sound logical decision doesn’t seem to affect the memory portion of our brains much.

It doesn’t work like this: Oh, I am so glad I avoided being hurt by that person I really liked! And pleasurable feelings follow.

It’s more like: Man I miss that person who hurt me or What if? What could have happened? I never took the risk. And then you’ll feel sad or miss them.

Basically, our brains are screwed. We’re tipped to the impulsive, heartfelt side of things. The things that don’t make as much sense, the riskier choices of life, are the ones we long for and spend more time remembering to affect the safer bets we’ve made.

Another factor in the heart vs. mind decision-making process is — your emotional state at the moment you are deciding.

However, its significance for many of us is unquestionable. We know that following our heart, and being true to ourselves, is critical for a meaningful life even if most of us don’t exactly know what we mean when we say it.

The Battle Between Your Mind & Your Heart

When you’re a novice in heart-centered matters, it feels safer to follow your mind.

This sense of comfort is an illusion because if you look at your past, you see that solely following your mind hasn’t helped you create the life you truly want.

Your heart, however, is connected to something bigger than you. You may call it spirit, the unconscious, god, higher-self, or the universe.

Regret sucks.

 Ever made a decision, small or large, to not follow your heart and then wondered “What if?” It’s not a good feeling. Well, that is what’s ultimately going to happen when you don’t follow your heart and you end up giving to your brain as to what ‘logical’ route you should take, then once everything is done you end up regretting not following your heart’s intuition and that sucks right? well, sometimes it may just pay to follow your heart’s intuition.

 respect for yourself and from those you admire.

When we follow our hearts we may actually find that we develop a newfound respect for ourselves. Not only that, we may get the respect of those that we love and admire. Why is this? It is because we are now focusing on what truly matters instead of the trappings of things that have no meaning at all. It helps us clear out meaningless things for things that fill us with purpose and passion.

 Learn to trust your intuition.

When we follow our hearts, we learn to trust our intuition. We are more in tune with what our hearts are telling us to do and what direction they are leading us.

Sometimes it has been a long time since we have trusted our intuition, but having started to follow our hearts again, we clear a space to hear and listen to our intuition again. When we learn we can trust our intuition, we are more open to following our hearts.

There must be a Balance between mind and heart

Considering all of my previous points stated, the play of the game ultimately becomes ‘The mind vs the heart’, but if we end up just following our hearts instead of our mind it may lead us either on a wondrous journey of joy and gratification, on the other hand, it could also be our downfall as we chose our emotions over the most logical decision given the situation, but if we choose to completely ignore or simply just try to cast aside our feelings and choose the most logical decision against what we really want we end up with a wholesome feeling of regret lingering over our shoulders.

However, choosing either one and ignoring the other is a very dangerous play, instead, our choices must consist of having ‘balance between the two’, there goes a saying ‘Want what you need but you don’t need what you want’, in that quote saying that we must tune our hearts to want what our mind is telling us but also to give our heart’s some leverage in the say and to not give every choice of the matter to our mind.  

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