Hello there, my name is James Atafu as I’m sure you already know and my objectives are as of writing this:

  • To turn this into a full-time job.
  • To inspire and motivate you.
  • To market products that you like that I trust.
  • To bring you entertainment in whatever form (Though descent and not explicit).
  • Get on many followers on my team as I can be an awesome personal goal for this blog,
  • To create both compelling content that you like and that we can both learn from.

I enjoy writing and literature and I’m sure you do too, and all the more reason why I fell in love with blogging because it’s writing! yes, and I get to express myself on here something that I’ve always struggled with doing since I grew up alone and on the road (not literally on the road just not having a stable home and all that where I didn’t stay long).

Anyway, I shouldn’t drag unnecessary thing’s into this, but for the sake of being genuine, I want you to at least know a little more about me.

I do some affiliate marketing here and there on this site however I always tell you when I am and what I am doing, I won’t try to force anything onto you and it’s entirely your choice whether you want to or not, and everything is trusted personally by me. There are no illegitimate sites or scam’s, I just want you to know that I sincerely do care about my viewers and I will not put any harm forward toward anyone. 

I wish you all the best and hope and wonderful wishes to you all 🙂