5 Super Cool & Useful Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon

Now we all know what Amazon is right? It’s that infamous Online store that you can find so many awesome and unique items and gifts on, well tune in as I have put together a list of five of the coolest/useful gadgets you can pick up on Amazon, let’s get to it then shall we?

SnapPower Guide light ($65.98)

#1. SnapPower GuidelightThis has got to be one of the most useful, space-saving gadgets/devices out there, the night light is not only child-friendly as there is no area at which the child could touch the light and be hurt but it’s convenient, it’s easily removable, it offers an easy installation, there are absolutely no wires or batteries required. it costs less than 10 cents a year to run and it has light sensors which turn off/on automatically!

Get a pack of 5 Here for only $65.98 (Think of the power you’ll be saving on regular night light’s).

Smart Charging Station Dock & Organizer ($36.99)

#2. Smart Charging Station Have you ever needed to charge multiple devices however you didn’t have enough plugs or ports to charge those nifty devices of yours? Introducing the simicore smart charging dock s station which can sanctimoniously charge a multitude of your devices at once and also holding your device upright while it’s charging! Pretty handy right?

Get it Here for only $36.99 (Trust me, you’ll be saving a lot of time with this handy gadget.

Pavlock ($129.99)

#3. Pavlock – Have you ever felt like you needed some help to get out of some bad habits that you feel you just can’t do it on your own, are you finding it hard to stick to a routine? Well look no further as pavlock will be your training buddy as it jolts you when you stop progressing or moving forward in your routine, sounds handy right? 

Get it Here for $129.99

Echo Dot ($29.99)

#4. Echo Dot – Have you ever felt lonely, or perhaps the complete opposite and you’re so busy that you just need an organizer to help you on your schedule. Well look no further as the Echo Dot with Alexa is going to be one of your best friends as the Echo Dot helps you out with your everyday activities.

Get your friendly Alexa Echo Dot Here for only $29.99 (Have a best friend that will actually help you out and won’t ever betray you, ever)

Airselfie ($170.99)

#5. Airselfie –Are you a constant selfie taker (Don’t lie, no need to be embarrassed), do you like to take good shots and post them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or for a family album? Introducing the Air selfie – The only portable flying camera integrated into your mobile phone cover. Micro and ultralight – It comes with its very own device for storage and charging. You can easily control this bad boy with an app on your phone! 
Taking selfies whether it’s by yourself, with friends or you wanting to take a memory of where you’ve been has never been so easy!

Get it Here for $170.99

There you are, Five of the coolest and most useful gadgets that you can buy on Amazon, if you have anything you’d like to add or that you think is super cool please list them in the comment’s below and have a fantastic day!