10 Gadgets Actually Worth Buying

With the advancement of technology in this day and age so too does the advancement of technologies capabilities exceeding our expectations, Check out these 10 Awesome/Super cool Gadgets that are actually worth buying and your time of looking into!

#1. Noke ($49.99)


Noke is a locking device with a Bluetooth receiver which responds to your mobile device’s Bluetooth transmission whenever it’s within close proximity, I think this device is simply genius and you could save yourself a lot of time with just having a noke.

Get it Here for only $49.99

#2. Iron Man Glove ($54.95)

Iron man glove

I could not find this awesome item online, so I have linked the nearest and closest iron man like-glove here for only $59.95.

#3. Mini Safe Wallet

Ogon Stockholm V2 RFID Card Case Wallet Platinum

Make sure to keep your financial content’s safe, introducing the mini safe wallet with a 3 Digit code requiring mechanism that only you will be able to unlock. Sounds good right?

Get it Here for only $53.99

#4. AirBar (From $128.87)


Airbar generates an invisible light field that allows it to recognize the users instructions and sends them to the computer in the form of commands.

Get it Here from $128.87

#5. Odin Aurora ($62.56)

Odin Aurora

The device projects a hologram on a flat surface that resembles a touch pad of a notebook.

Get it Here for $62.56

#6. Orbit Wheel ($82.99)

Obit Wheel

Check these bad boys out, a portable transport much like a skateboard but much smaller, why don’t you try them out for yourself?

Get a pair Here for only $82.99

#7. Hickies ($17.99)

Hickies shoelaces

HICKIES laces are an alternative to regular, tale-as-old-as-time shoelaces. They aren’t made from fabric or nylon or a woven textile that will absorb any wetness that it encounters. They’re made from flexible rubber called thermoplastic elastomer.

Get a pair of 14 Here for only $17.99

#8. Mogees Play ($42.81)

Mogees play

Mogees Play is an ingenious smart sensor that attaches to a phone or tablet and turns the world around you into an interface for playing games, creating music and much more. Mogees Play is also an educational tool too.

Get one Here for only $42.81

#9. Switchmate ($34.99)


Switchmate is a sleek solution that snaps over your standard light switch to automate it in seconds. Just snap Switchmate over your existing light switch, pair it with your smartphone, and you’re ready to control anything connected to your switch! Switchmate easily installs with magnets to your existing switch.

Get one Here for only $34.99

#10. Ventifresh ($53.50)


The VentiFresh is a very small air purifier that uses photocatalyst technology which is the same tech used on the international space station. According to the VentiFresh website: Put simply, the UV catalyst core inside VentiFreshdecomposes odor through natural photosynthesis and produces clean air as a result.

Get it Here for only $53.50

I hope you enjoyed these 10 Super cool Gadgets worth buying, and if you have a gadget on your mind that you think is cool please list them down in the comment section below. Have an awesome one everyone