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Hello there, my name is James Atafu and it is an absolute pleasure to have you here today. I am a full-time passion Blogger, an online personality, a poet and an activist.

I joined the Blogging network from November 2018 in hopes to see that it would change the circumstances not only for myself but for my family too. 

As a youngling up to now, I’ve always had worries and woes, especially in regards to the financial circumstances that we all face, however because of this I was never really able to enjoy life to the fullest, I was always lonely and I never really had an outlet to express myself.

I’m hoping to not only express myself throughout this Blog to you but also I have high hopes for this Blog turning into something miraculous, something that would not only get out of society’s entrapment of a 9-5 job and be rid myself of the financial problems that we face in life, make my own family proud, to look after the sick elderly in my family and to have a figure so my cousins and grandparents etc can look up to me but also inspire all of you. 

I know what it’s like to have no support, to have no one there when you’re in your darkest hours, and I know what it’s like to feel worthless, to have little motivation and to sink into despair and sorrow. 

To uplift one another, I have crated this astounding Blog ranging from a variety of topics but mainly concerning the pursuit of success through your passions. You may find interesting Articles throughout this Blog or you may even be inspired and find something of value that you may be able to implement in your own life.

Nevertheless I humbly welcome you and hope that you do enjoy your visit, and if you do enjoy what you find and read please feel free to follow this Blog for more exciting and useful information that you can benefit from.

I have found extreme passion for writing and I have so much (In my opinion) too offer to the world, never in my life would i have thought of getting into the whole Blogging thing but again, I have really high hopes for this Blog and I hope too that you get something out of it while you are about exploring my Blog.

I really hope that I can turn thing’s around with doing this, I have been through so much on my own and I have yet to experience life. Also If you find this Blog useful to you or you think you have what it takes to not only contribute but to also express your thoughts and circumstances, please feel free to contact me as I am always looking for experienced writers to join my team ๐Ÿ™‚

However, if you don’t feel as if your at that stage or you don’t want to write at all but you would like to contribute you can always follow this blog via the blue button on the right-hand side (It’s the long blue one that has the sites name on it ‘The Passionate Enthusiast’.

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I would love to have you as a part of my team, I’m always looking for team players to help grow this Blog, to reach it’s potential and with your help, I’m positively sure that we can make this Blog thrive.

So come on, what have you got to lose, join my team and become one of the underdog’s in self-development and success chasers.

Also if you find anything entertaining or something that catches your eye’s attention throughout this Blog, please feel free to comment your thoughts and opinions as I always love to hear any given feedback or your own thoughts or opinions on the matter.

A Short Brief About My Story

I wasn’t born in money, nor was i born in a stable family.
I was actually born in a bath tub on a cold winters night (I would assume my mother bore me in one of those big plastic bowls filled with warm water). 

I am quite timid however I dream big, and of passion and success which is what the majority of this Blog is about. The doctors though found that I was born with a hole in my heart so I had to spend some of my first few months in a hospital hooked up on tubes and had heart surgery done on me. 

I suffer mild depression and have been through suicidal tendencies, a moment of which I actually did try to commit. Like I mentioned above I am hoping to turn the tables around and not to wallow on the hand that I was dealt but to move onward and upward, to not only make this Blog something big but to also inspire others through it as well as an outlet to which I can express myself.

I believe that hard work trumps talent.

“It’s not the hand you were dealt, it’s how you prove it to yourself. You don’t need any wealth, gotta live your life work hard and excel. Don’t be looking for their help, look inside of yourself for the wealth. Keep your mind and your body in good health, and don’t be working for nobody but yourself.”

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I hope you find my Blog enticing and captivating, I have no doubt that you’ll be taking something away from here, have a fantastic day.